BRFC Active Support Update


Dear members and in particular patrons of the dedicated active supporter bays 331, 332, 333.

For an extended period, Brisbane Roar FC (the Club) has been very happy to observe and support the many growing supporter groups that represent many of our members and fans interests. 

These supporter groups have been independently formed with clear and concise objectives and some form of constitution or committee guiding their actions. Their common purpose, supporting Brisbane Roar FC.

BRFC has supported all of these groups in a variety of ways, actively and upon request, and we will continue to do so. 

As Queensland’s only Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and National Youth League representative, we continually have to challenge those out-of-state parties, both across the league and in numerous different roles, as we are a proud and loyal club always striving to improve and to be the very best we can be.

We’re a different club from the rest, and history has shown BRFC has always overcome challenges when faced, never backed away from a cause we believe in and we will continue to fight battles on and off the pitch in the interests of our sponsors, members and supporters. 


The Club has selfless people, both employees and volunteers, behind the scenes who work tirelessly because we all love what we do and we appreciate being part of the professional sporting and entertainment environment. 

Our passion is and always will be Brisbane Roar Football Club. 

Over 14 years, there’s little doubt our members and supporters are one of, if not the best supporter groups in the league. 

This is evident at away games, home games, when performances are good and not so good and when scheduling isn’t desirable. This strong support is active at all BRFC matches no matter if it is our Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League or Young Roar teams in action.

Recent events in The Den area at Suncorp Stadium highlight that support can come with difficulties.

BRFC has been advised that The Den Steering Committee will no longer facilitate “Active Support” for Tuesday’s game against Melbourne Victory, or any match in the future unless specific demands are met.


The background to this is perhaps long and varied. However, there was an incident at the recent home game against Perth Glory that has created friction between the Club and The Den Steering Committee. 

Without going into too much detail, the incident involved several offensive chants culminating in a final chant of ‘F*** the FFA’.
When a BRFC staff member approached The Den leadership team on duty that day, it was met with a tidal wave of abuse and swearing by other members of The Den. 

This action was unacceptable and caused great distress, however, The Den Steering Committee has accused BRFC of “censoring” the chants they use because one of our staff members pointed out that ‘F***’ is offensive.
As a consequence, The Den has issued ultimatums and are refusing to provide “Active Support” until they are met.

In regards to the question of censorship; whether a chant is offensive or not is not a Club matter, it is a matter for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the laws of this State. 

Should The Den Steering Committee wish to use colourful language, they need to clear this with the QPS and not BRFC. The Club cannot provide immunity from Queensland law.

Secondly, The Den area is an essential section of Suncorp Stadium on match day, but it is just one area. Offensive chanting can, and was, heard in different parts of the stadium.

ActronAir dartboard

The Den Steering Committee owe an explanation as to why offensive and illegal chanting should be tolerated by other patrons, particularly those with children.

It’s unclear to the Club that a steering group who state they represent the interests of all members in the Active Support Bay genuinely represent their interests. 

BRFC has always provided opportunities and supported requests from various Club active supporter groups, including The Den, with a hope that unity of The Den would be resurrected to days gone by. 

It’s important also to understand, when the Club is directed by authorities (QPS, Suncorp Stadium Security) to intervene in potential situations that could escalate, BRFC intervenes to protect the interests of its members and fans and to prevent authorities from acting. 

When police and security act, control is then removed from the Club. Their intervention can result in removal of patrons from the stadium or more serious ramifications depending on the situation (e.g. fines, bans).

Today, BRFC has informed the people involved in The Den Steering Committee representing The Den that we have removed our support of them as leaders of The Den.

As such, BRFC has engaged with other supporter groups and individuals who have actively approached the Club and have expressed an interest in rebuilding The Den.

BRFC will leave it with these groups and people to commence a process to rebuild The Den. 

Brisbane Roar Football Club remains committed to working with active support and The Den and will provide appropriate assistance when requested.

Warm Regards

Brisbane Roar Football Club

Hyundai A-League Round 15: Brisbane Roar v Melbourne Victory, Suncorp Stadium, Tuesday, 15 January (6:50pm KO)