Brisbane Roar Announce Departure of A-League Men’s Head Coach, Ross Aloisi

Brisbane Roar has confirmed the departure of their Isuzu A-League Men’s Head Coach, Ross Aloisi, effective immediately. Aloisi, who took up the head coach position in April 2023, departs for an overseas opportunity after having a strong start to the 23/24 season and significant impact on the team.

Kaz Patafta, CEO and Chairman of Brisbane Roar FC, commented on the departure. “While we are sad to see Ross leave, we understand and respect his decision. This is an opportunity that Ross wanted to take for his personal growth as a coach. We did not want him to leave at this time, but we also did not want to stand in the way of an opportunity that is rarely presented to Australian coaches,” said Patafta.

Ross Aloisi also shared his thoughts on the decision. “Leaving Brisbane Roar has been a very tough decision for me. I wholeheartedly believe in the club’s progress and direction. However, the opportunity presented to me overseas is something that aligns closely with my personal journey and goals as a coach. It’s a path I feel I must take at this stage in my career,” Aloisi stated.

Patafta added, “Our club is on a remarkable upward trajectory, and we will continue to build on this momentum. We are in the process of finalising key contract extensions, which will be announced in the coming weeks. These extensions are a clear indicator of our players’ belief in the club’s direction and future.”

“With Ross’ departure, we are pleased to appoint Luciano Trani as the interim Head Coach for the rest of the season. Luciano’s vast experience in the A Leagues aligns perfectly with our club’s philosophy and goals. We are fully committed to supporting Luciano in continuing the positive start to this season,” Patafta continued.

Patafta emphasised, “Absolutely nothing changes in terms of our goals and aspirations for this season. We are well prepared for these transitions and remain steadfast in our commitment to success. The club’s management and dedicated team ensure that we are always ready to adapt and maintain our competitive edge.”

In summary, Brisbane Roar FC acknowledges Ross Aloisi’s contribution and is poised to maintain its strong course with the experienced leadership of Luciano Trani and upcoming key player contract extensions, reflecting the club’s robust structure and readiness for continuous growth and success.