Brisbane Roar proud to be partnering with Queensland’s Truth and Treaty Body

As we celebrate the achievements and acknowledge the fortitude of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during Reconciliation Week, Brisbane Roar are proud to announce their partnership with the Truth and Treaty Body (ITTB) to contribute to achieving reconciliation in Queensland.

Roar and ITTB have joined forces to connect with all community groups on the importance of the Truth and Treaty movement unfolding here in Queensland, to get us to a truly reconciled State.

Brisbane Roar are excited and passionate about supporting the Truth and Treaty process and understand the importance of everyone contributing to this—First Nations peoples, young people, non-Indigenous people and multicultural communities.

Brisbane Roar forward, Jez Lofthouse is honoured to be the club’s Truth and Treaty Ambassador. Jez, a non-Indigenous supporter of this important work is looking forward to the partnership between the club and the Truth and Treaty Body. 

“It’s an honour for me, football is considered the world game and should be inclusive for everybody. It’s a good step in the right direction,” Lofthouse said. 

The club looks forward to working with the Truth and Treaty Body for the upcoming 2023-24 season. 

“I always look to the humanity of people, the willingness to be catalysts for change, and that’s what Treaty is all about—bringing our non-Indigenous counterparts along with us—no one left behind. This coming together, is how we will usher in that change in a real and meaningful way,” said Cheryl Buchanan, ITTB co-chair.

There is a real willingness for people to want to get more involved in Truth and Treaty, and to understand the history of our State. This partnership provides an opportunity to reach the broader Queensland community, about what this will mean for them, their communities, and their families.

Treaty is for all Queenslanders, and so our partnership with Roar provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with all the people who make up this wonderful State that we all call home,” said Sallyanne Atkinson, ITTB co-chair.

Brisbane Roar and the ITTB look forward to you coming on this journey with us—to be truly reconciled as a State, as we embark on this significant time in our history!