CEO Update from Kaz Patafta

To our dedicated Brisbane Roar FC fans and members, 

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge and thank each one of you for your unwavering support and loyalty to Brisbane Roar FC. We understand that our fans are the backbone of our club, and the passion you bring to every match is a source of strength for our players, staff, and the entire football community. 

As we look towards the future, Brisbane Roar FC is committed to embarking on a new chapter. We recognise the rich legacy and proud history that has defined our club, and it’s with this in mind that we work towards our “rebuild” strategy. This strategic vision aims to ensure that we not only compete at the highest levels but that we do so in a manner that reflects the values and DNA of Brisbane Roar FC. 

Recruitment Strategy

  1. Understanding the Legacy: Representing Brisbane Roar FC is an honour and responsibility. Every player, regardless of their origin, is selected with a view on their suitability to match our club’s DNA and a genuine aspiration to enhance our legacy. 
  1. Holistic Player Evaluation: While on-field ability remains vital, our recruitment process has expanded to seek players known for resilience, teamwork, leadership, and the desire to be successful both on and off the pitch. 
  1. The Backbone – Strong Senior, Local, Foreign and Visa Players: Our strategy places an emphasis on integrating elite senior local, foreign and visa players around our emerging younger talent. Their seasoned expertise, diverse footballing background, and commitment will serve as the backbone to our squads. These players will not only heighten our competitive edge but will also play pivotal roles in nurturing and mentoring our emerging talent. 
  1. Homegrown Talent: Brisbane Roar FC’s heart beats with Queensland passion. Our renewed mission is to identify and foster local talent, ensuring they are primed to shine brightly on the domestic and international stages. 
  1. Continuous Development: Player acquisition is just the inception. We will invest in our development programs, ensuring that every player is equipped with the highest standard of coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and unwavering support from all levels of the football club. This will evolve over the coming seasons as we carefully rebuild our development pathway. 
  1. Academy to First Team Pathway: This program is not merely about training; it’s a holistic ecosystem that ensures seamless progression from the academy system to our first team. Both our A-League Men’s and Women’s teams stand to benefit immensely from this integrated pathway. 

 Strategic Signings & The Upcoming Season: 

We are pleased to inform you that during the recent transfer window, we have made strategic signings to reinforce our squad for both the A League Men’s and Women’s teams. This includes 8 signings in our Men’s Squad and multiple signings in our Women’s Squad. These exciting additions, with more players to be unveiled soon, align seamlessly with our vision. We eagerly await the onset of the A-League Men’s and Women’s seasons, and we are confident that our dynamic teams will do us proud. 

The rebuilding phase is current and ongoing, however with your unwavering support and our relentless dedication, we are confident in our path forward. Together, we aim to shape a Brisbane Roar FC that not only dominates on the pitch but also stands as a leading and progressive club in Australia. 

 Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to an exciting season ahead. I will continue to provide periodic updates to keep you well-informed. 

Yours Sincerely, 
Kaz Patafta 
Chairman & CEO Brisbane Roar Football Club