Club Statement 

Friday 23 December
Kayo Stadium
Brisbane Roar vs WSW

Brisbane Roar FC is investigating the use of several flares at our home game between Western Sydney Wanderers on Friday, 23 December. 

These flares were ignited in the active support bay and immediately extinguished by safety officers. 

A preliminary investigation suggests that approximately 18 minors participated in a demonstration at the 20th minute of the game and that the majority were not Club members. They exited the stadium, where they were engaged by law enforcement and stadium security officers before disbursing. 

Flares at our events are entirely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The Club reserves its right to suspend or take broader action against those who do not follow the rule of law and the conditions of entry at our events.

The majority of our members are families, and while we welcome and encourage our active supporters, we will take action against those who breach our standards.