Management Update from COO Zac Anderson

With the transfer window closed now, when can we expect new signings for our Isuzu UTE A-League men?  

“Kaz and I have been working closely with Ross and the football department to refresh & rebuild the squad, with a strong focus to improve the depth and competition for places. We understand that this process to evolve the squad will take time, which we have planned for over the next 2 or 3 transfer windows. The main focus for us in this latest transfer window is to secure the best young talent in Queensland and across Australia. Our club has witnessed many talented young players leave over the last few years, due to a lack of proactiveness and vision on our behalf. I think the supporter base will be really excited about the talent coming through, and therefore the signings that are going to be announced over the coming week. Our supporter base will see that we are actioning what we have been preaching, with a real emphasis on squad depth, competition for places and exciting attacking options,” COO Zac Anderson said.  

“Our new signings have earnt their opportunity to play professional football and have been working really hard to impress Ross and his staff; some of them have been on trial through pre-season, others have been monitored over a long period of time. It’s exciting to see new players get an opportunity.” 

What’s the update with our Liberty A-League Women? 

“Our A-League Women’s squad is pretty much finalised now. We’ve been working diligently over the last couple of weeks internally to announce the squad, and the squad has come together nicely with a mix of youth and experience.”  

“The squad has begun pre-season and has been working hard under Garreth’s guidance to prepare for the up-coming season. Kaz and I are proud to see the resources grow for our women’s team and the professional support they now have to make sure they have everything they need to perform and succeed on the pitch. We met with the ALW players last week at QSAC, and we communicated our 100{1da264561dd376f9b2add823a677e78092ffba7de7efb9d3ae76566fe866a6d9} support to them, but in return we requested real buy in from every individual, collective accountability and a winning mentality.” 

When can we expect more pre-season matches?  

“Our A-League Men’s are away in Coffs Harbour tonight to play Newcastle Jets, which will be another great opportunity for our players to impress and get important pre-season minutes. With this being said, our focus is firmly fixed on Sunday’s match in Melbourne, a Semi Final against Melbourne Knights. So far, our pre-season has gone to plan, with our players working extremely hard every day to be fit and ready for round 1.  

“For our A-League Women’s squad, we are really excited to announce that we will be playing a pre-season game at Underwood Park this Saturday 23rd September, with the support of Football Queensland. With a short pre-season, important preseason minutes will be continuing in the coming weeks to follow, behind closed doors in preparation for the 23/24 season.” 

When is the season launch happening and when are we launching the kit? 

“Our new kit for 23/24 will be unveiled at our season launch September 30th. We are excited to do our season launch with a strong focus upon connecting with community and local football. The day will be a great opportunity to see and meet your favourite players, after both ALW and ALM squads complete an open training session.” 

“We hope to see a huge turnout at Perry Park to get everyone along to meet our ALM and ALW players and staff, to see our club launch our 23/24 jersey launch, and then to partake in some really fun activations.” 

How does the partnership with Belgravia work regarding kit distribution and selling of training kit? 

“We have developed a great relationship with Belgravia & NB, who have been an incredible partner and kit supplier for nearly three years now. Belgravia worked closely with our team prior to our arrival so our kit and merchandise would be ready for the upcoming season. We are excited to launch and get our fans reactions.”  

“We have a real evolution of our brand coming into play throughout the 23/24 season, respecting the past and looking into the future. A particular favourite of mine is our BRFC training kits. We have noticed many positive comments from fans about our training/ warm up kits, which we hope to retail. There is some great merchandise getting developed, as our talented team lead by our two creative directors continue to re-design our collection to pay tribute to our history but look towards an exciting new BRFC future. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the great support of Belgravia & NB.”