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Oct 21, 2015   |  11:01PM AET

HPE Year 3-4

HPE Year 3-4


Teacher Advice



Introductory Lesson: Our respect rules

–          Activity Sheet 1.1
–          Activity Sheet 1.2
–          Activity Sheet 1.3
–         Teacher Information: Sample Graphic Organiser


 Lesson 1: talking about heroes


Lesson 2: Our inspiration

–      Our Roar Play Book


Lesson 3: Food – Fuel for your body, fuel for football

          Activity Sheet 3.1
          Graphic Organiser


Lessons 4: our super food dish


Lesson 5: Learning Football


Lessons 6: Showing football


Lesson 7: completing our playbook

–          Teacher information – Our football tournament Plan


Lesson 8: how did we go?

–          BR HPE 3-4 Activity Sheet 8.1