Management Update Q&A – COO Zac Anderson 

  1. How are signings going for both our Men’s and Women’s going? 

Zac Anderson: 
“Both our A-League Men’s and Women’s squads are progressing well. From an A-League Women’s perspective, Garrath McPherson and Shane Steffanutto have been working diligently to finalise the list and we’re really excited to announce the majority of our squad over the next week. The squad is getting ready for pre-season, so we’re really excited with the squad that is coming together,” COO Zac Anderson said.  

 “We have a number players that have been retained from last year, securing strong leaders and then some exciting new faces and energy from overseas and from the Matilda’s. The squad is coming together nicely and it’s an exciting season with a lot of momentum coming off the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Our ALW program is in a really strong position, under Garrath’s leadership.  

“Regarding our A-League Men, we have been progressing with our recruitment process, and as we’ve been explaining from day one, we are focused to go through our recruitment process to make sure we bring in the right players to fit our DNA moving forward. Our strategy is built around nurturing and developing young talent, as we’ve seen with the likes of Thomas Waddingham and Quinn MacNicol playing a lot of important minutes in pre-season. We’re very excited to bring a youthful Queensland core of players through our ALM first team.” 

 “Our focus remains to fill our number 9/ striker position and more defensive cover. Stay tuned on this front, we are working diligently” 

  1. What’s the update on the women’s training venue?  

“Regarding our women’s training venue, we’re having ongoing and positive discussions with Moreton Bay Regional Council. We are quite far down the line with Moreton Bay Regional Council but for this season because we want our women to be settled, their training facility will be at QSAC for the season with the view to move to Brendale at the end of the A-League Women’s season (July 2024). This is to make sure the women have their venue set and there’s not too much instability throughout the season. This is very important for Kaz and I that the Women are settled and happy at their base, so we can have a successful season.” 

  1. What’s the update with women’s membership? 

“I am excited to announce that we have smashed our record with our A-League Women’s memberships. Last year, and reviewing the last couple of years, it’s been an unbelievable response and we hope the momentum from the FIFA Women’s World Cup continues. I am proud to announce that we are now well over 1,000 A-League Women’s memberships. It is exciting to see the Liberty A-League passes being well revived and very popular off the back of the Women’s World Cup, and a huge response regarding our community and great local support.” 

“We’re looking forward to seeing huge crowds at both Ballymore and Perry Park this season. A huge factor apart from the momentum from the Women’s World Cup is our slogan of ‘We are Coming Home’, focused upon being back in Brisbane. I think it will be fantastic to see this translate into big crowd numbers. We’re home. Let’s support our Women.” 

  1. What’s the update on our A-League Men’s staff?  

“Our A-League Men’s staffing is nearly complete. We have bought in Luciano Trani as Ross’ assistant, which is a huge signing and someone of great pedigree and experience to bolster our coaching staff. Last week, we announced Shane Carr who is ex-Tottenham and ex-Western United and someone that has huge experience both in High Performance and as a Head Physiotherapist.” 

“Shane will be driving our High Performance, and we will be announcing a new Head of Strength and Conditioning in the coming week, which is an important appointment alongside Shane Carr. It’s really coming together from an A-League Men’s perspective now, bringing in the right people to drive the culture forward and to really help our program progress over the next season. Culture is key for us in this new way forward.”