NPL Head Coach Chris Grossmann departs Brisbane Roar 

Brisbane Roar wishes to advise that NPL Head Coach Chris Grossmann has resigned as Head Coach to pursue other opportunities.  

Grossmann, a former player of the Brisbane Roar between 2006 and 2009, started his coaching career in 2016 within the Brisbane Roar Academy. 

He has been at Brisbane Roar for seven years during which time he has been NPL Head Coach for three years. 

After a seven-year coaching journey with the club, Grossmann has overseen 21 of the players he has coached in his time having transitioned into professional football opportunities both within the club and overseas.

Such players to have been developed under Grossmann has included Louis Zabala, Cyrus Dehmie, Eli Adams, Keegan Jelacic, Izaack Powell, Jordan Courtney-Perkins, Diesel Herrington, James Nikolovski, Brandon McMorrow, Hassan Ramazani, Sam Klein, Alex Parsons, Mirza Muratovic and Jackson Hart-Phillips.

In his time as NPL Head Coach, Grossmann’s 2021 side made history by becoming the first Brisbane Roar NPL squad to finish 2nd in the Queensland NPL before going on to play a Semi Final. The highest achievement by any Brisbane Roar NPL squad to date.

“Any time we see someone transition from our academy to the first teams is a massive achievement for not just myself, but for the coaching group and the players,” Grossmann said.  

“It builds a bit more confidence that what we’re doing is working and it’s been proven over the seven years that we’ve been improving on that, it’s in a really good space [The Academy],” he added.  

A former player of Brisbane Roar between 2006 and 2009, Grossmann is proud to have contributed to the club again as a coach for 7 years within the Academy.

Grossmann is proud of his time at the club and despite leaving is excited to see how the club is progressing within the Academy setup. 

“I’m sad to be leaving but really proud of what we’ve achieved, and how we’ve left the club in a position where it can continue to move forward,” he said.  

“It’s tough to be leaving at the point we are, we’ve got an extremely talented group coming through, but I am confident that they’ve got enough drive and the right mentality to be able to push on.” 

NPL Assistant Coach Graham Fyfe and U23’s Head Coach Owen Baker will be resuming Grossmann’s role in the interim until a new NPL Head Coach is appointed.  

Brisbane Roar wishes Chris all the best in his new opportunities.