Q&A with Scott McDonald


As he prepares for his fifth game in Brisbane orange, we sat down with new signing Scott McDonald to get his thoughts on his time here in Brisbane, his career in the UK as well as what we can expect for the remainder of the Hyundai A-League season.

Q. A few weeks here at the Club now, what’ve you made of your time in Brisbane so far?
A. Really enjoyed it. It’s been great just to get back out there and enjoy my football. I’ve really settled in well with the group as well – it’s a really good group. It’s been really easy in terms of having a few more British lads as well. I lived in Britain for a long time so you get the humour straight away. Obviously coming in at the right time as well, with the team playing full of confidence and being on a great run, it’s been good to be a part of that.

Q. Being back in Australia for your first Aussie summer in a while, how’s that treating you?
A. If you had have asked me this in the first week living in Brisbane and training up here, I was dying – the humidity was too much for me. I was thinking, ‘is this really what it’s going to be like for the rest of the time?’ Thankfully I’ve either acclimatised or it’s sort of cooled down a little bit, or maybe a bit of both. It’s been really great & I’ve really enjoyed it. The role and the responsibility that the Manager and the staff have given me, just looking forward to taking that forward as well, pushing ahead with the team and I really believe we can have a great end to the season.


Q. When you arrived at the club you said that you saw an opportunity to play a role model-type role with some of the younger strikers, are you enjoying that?
A. Absolutely. I’m still finding my feet as well. It’s important that you continue to focus on your own game, that’s important. But as we go along, the likes of Mirz (Mirza Muratovic) and Dylan (Wenzel-Halls) and a few others, you’re here to give advice. For them to lean on your experience a little bit and hopefully you can help them become better players. We want as a football club for these young players to come through and be successful and push on and have a great career at Brisbane and beyond.

Q. How far can we go this season?
A. My mind says all the way. I think you have to have that mindset or what’s the point of playing? After a difficult start to the season for the team – from what I’ve seen and what the boys have said, we were playing some good football but just couldn’t get the results – and that’s turned in recent weeks. Hopefully we can build on that.


Q. Growing up, who was your football idol?
A. Romario. The first World Cup that I ever remember was USA ’94, a little bit of ’90 but USA ’94, Romario and Bebeto were the two strikers for Brazil. I just loved everything about the little man. I like to think that I was trying to resemble him. He’s a little bit of a smaller frame than me but in terms of size and stature, I always looked up to him and loved him even when he was at Barcelona as well. Probably himself and (Paolo) Di Canio as well. I loved Di Canio from when he was at Celtic that first year and obviously went onto do great things in the Premier League. He was just an eccentric character as well, even to this day.

Q. Fondest memory as a footballer?
A. There’s a few. Obviously signing for Celtic was huge but I think actually winning the league there. When you win things I think they’re always special memories. To do with a team you’ve supported all your life, it’s just not only mine but my whole family’s. It was a special night.


Q. As a Celtic supporter, how special was it to have a chance to play for the club?
A. It’s so hard to describe. You just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for about three years. Walking into Celtic Park every day, it was like ‘wow is this really happening?’ I really took it all on board and made it all count for the time that I was there, and really appreciated it all. It was an incredible thing. When your dreams come through, it’s unbelievable. You don’t really think that that is ever going to materialise but when it does, it’s just an unbelievable moment. I was fortunate that I didn’t sit in awe of it, I actually went and attacked it when I got there and then got rewarded for it so it was a really good time.

Q. Favourite meal of the day?
A. Probably dinner because I’ve earnt it.

Q. Settle an office debate – does tomato sauce belong in the fridge or the cupboard?
A. Fridge.

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