Roar E-League players eye play-offs finish 

Brisbane Roar XP E-Sports competitors Connor Stewart (Envy) and Dylan Banks (AussieFifa HD) are settling into the regular E-League season now and have their sights set on a spot in the play-offs.  

Stewart is currently coming fourth in the E-League and hopes to maintain his form as he prepares himself for the encounter with tougher competitors.  

“I lost my first game last week, won the second, drew last night and won last night, so it’s going very well,” Stewart said.  

“It’s different with each opponent so it’s more about utilising the right A-League players against the right team,” he added.  

“I’m feeling confident, obviously there are different opponents coming up that I haven’t played yet so they’ll be tough but hopefully I can push for that play-off spot or the top six.” 

Banks has lost all four of his games in the group stage so far but believes he can bounce back from a rocky start in the upcoming rounds.  

“I stopped playing for a month when I was overseas making a documentary for YouTube and haven’t had time to play so I’m getting back into it now,” Banks said.  

“I’ve been practicing through the week so hopefully can get back into the form I left when I went overseas,” he added.  

He has identified aspects of his game that need improving and is working hard to achieve better results moving forward.   

“I’ve done a lot of analysis and basically just realised I’m rushing a little bit, and I’m pressing a bit too high up on the pitch at the moment so I’m being countered every time.” 

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