Roar pair to shave for Leukaemia Foundation


Brisbane Roar players Jade North and Maili Forbes will participate in next month’s World’s Greatest Shave in support of the Leukaemia Foundation.

Both players have already begun their fund-raising and are looking for donations from everyone in the Brisbane Roar FC family to help reach their targets.

Making a pledge is fast, simple and secure and can be done online NOW.

For Jade’s page click here 

For Maili’s page click here 

Donations go towards blood cancer research to help find better treatments and cures for those diagnosed with leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma.

Money raised also helps support those families dealing with a blood cancer diagnosis.

Jade and Maili are among thousands of Australians who on March 10-13 will shave, colour or wax the hair on their heads, chest or face.

Both Roar players plan to shave their heads.

Jade, who participated in Movember last year, said he was motivated to sign up for the World’s Greatest Shave by a friend who is a nurse who works with leukaemia patients.

“I know the tough times those with leukaemia have to go through so if shaving off my hair heIps to raise funds to support them, then I’m all for it,” Jade said.

“I’m hoping lots of Roar people sponsor Maili and me and help this great cause.”

Maili put her hand up to shave her head after seeing several friends go through cancer treatment in recent years.

“It can be a very distressing time, particularly when they start losing their hair or get to the head-shaving process,” Maili said.

“I am hoping to raise awareness of what they are going through at that time, relate to how they might be feeling and raise money to help give patients and their families even greater support.”