Slippery Fish has everyone smiling


His goal at the weekend was pure magic and the Roar’s Slippery Fish continued the class act when he chatted to the media today.

Never mind that some of the world’s best tennis players were in action across town, the Broncos and the Reds had resumed training and the Big Bash was still dealing with what the Big Bash has to deal with – a Henrique media conference is a big event in Brisbane and so it was again today with a bumper turnout prior to the Roar squad’s gym session at Griffith University’s Nathan campus.

With his beaming smile, Henrique individually shook the hand of each reporter and camerman and thanked them for coming.

And from the first question he had them captivated, appreciative and laughing.

#10 Henrique

The secret to the Roar’s renewed success?

“We are just happy,” he said in a mix of his Brazilian love of life and his newly attained laid-back Aussie status.

“When you are winning everyone is relaxed. Everybody is more happy.

“Since the start of the season we have been training really hard. Everyone is committed to the cause. The results are starting to show.

“Our goal is to improve in every game and every day on the training park. We are doing that and we will continue doing that.”

On his clever goal against Perth Glory last weekend?

“I just had the moment when I turned and saw a little bit of space so I just placed it in the corner and see what happens,” he explained about his fourth goal of the season so far.


And on his ‘hearty’ celebration into the camera afterward and who it was for?

They know who it is (for). If you think it is for you, if you feel loved (then it is for you ) also.

On the Roar going into this weekend’s clash without their three Olyroos – Jamie Maclaren, Brandon Borrello and James Donachie?

“We are losing three quality players to the Olyroos but I am pretty sure we have quality players here as well. That’s the chance for all of us to take the opportunity,” he said.

“Not just for me for but any other players in the squad. It’s the opportunity for everyone to grab.”

On any interest in the long list of players the Phoenix will be without this weekend?

“No, no, I know the list of players we’ve got available here so I am not interested in what they haven’t got.

“It is a tough game in Wellington, everyone knows who travels there. We just have to train extra hard make sure we do everything well over there and just do what we have been doing, that’s the key,” he said.

Aloisi Henrique

And when the inevitable question came about his role as a “super-sub”, the Slippery Fish showed he is both a true professional and a club man.

“Every player trains the whole week to be in the Starting XI and I am no different but I will never question the coach’s decision,” Henrique said.

“If he thinks I will be best for the team coming off the bench I respect that.

“I just love to play football. I prefer to start but if not, I will do my best.”