Player Appearance Requests

Brisbane Roar understands the importance of playing an active role within the Queensland community and is committed to assisting in the growth of local schools, clubs, and charities.

Brisbane Roar is always actively looking for opportunities to engage with our community. Majority of Brisbane Roar player appearances are provided to schools, junior clubs, charity events and Brisbane Roar specific events.

*Please note during high waves of COVID-19, player appearance requests are taken in consideration on a case-by-case basis. Preference is to conduct virtual appearances via Zoom or Teams.

If you’re looking to make an appearance request for an upcoming event, please read the below instructions:


  • All player appearance requests are to be submitted by filling in our online player appearance request form – Link available at the bottom of this page.
  • The club will assess ALL requests and be in contact with the host organisation should the request be successful.
  • Communications and planning will then commence between both the club and requestor.
  • Appearance windows are best situated between 1-3pm on most weekdays for school visits and 4-7pm for club visits
  • If your appearance hours do not line up with above timelines, please still submit your appearance request in the off-chance we do have player availability.
  • Appearances are generally no more than one hour long.
  • All requests to the club are considered on a case-by-case basis. A BRFC Member of staff will attend each player appearance to act as a point of contact and mitigate the appearance from a club perspective.


When completing the appearance request form, please make sure your event outlines all details and fits the following criteria:

  • Important: Requests must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to your event. This is very important and taken seriously by the club.
  • Requests submitted within two weeks of the appearance date will not be considered by the club. This is because;
  • Under PFA (Professional Footballers Association) regulations players are required under contract to be given a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice by the club therefore anything requested within two weeks will not be considered by the club. The club takes the player’s welfare seriously and abides by PFA regulations at all times.

Attendance Criteria

  • There must be a clear role or activity for player(s) attending, i.e., A short Q&A based on a certain topic pertaining to the player and their career, which is pertinent to the audience.
  • Signing autographs, handing out awards etc. are all encouraged.
  • The club recommends the requester has this clear vision and purpose of the appearance request, prior to submitting their request.
  • A clear definition of the appearance will be much more likely to be considered by the club. Simply having a “Brisbane Roar presence” is not enough of a brief to the player attending the appearance and the requester must have an explicit purpose to the player attending the event.

Some reasons for submitting a Player Appearance Request may include:

  • Handing out medals to the participating teams at a weekend juniors carnival
  • Offering advice, tips and expertise to kids on certain topics such as teamwork, communication, hard-work mentality, sacrifice, positive encouragement, and self-esteem.
  • Q&A’s to school students on the importance of balancing their studies with their sporting aspirations
  • Q&A’s with junior players reflecting on how they became a professional footballer and what advice to give to budding youngsters
  • Other unique engagement ideas for events are welcome and are considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Requests for players to attend private birthday parties, private functions or similar appearances of a personal nature are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Timeline & Logistics

  • Please list all activities you would like the player to be involved in, via a timeline (not exceeding a maximum of 1 hour). 
  • Brisbane Roar is not responsible for providing components of appearances such as microphones or tables and chairs
  • It is the responsibility of the requestor to ensure all facilities are provided for the player (and associated staff) attending. 
  • Brisbane Roar can support player appearances with key staff to attend appearances with players IF no one is available from the host organisation. This must be included in the request brief. Such support staff can include Brisbane Roar’s Club Videographer, Club MC or Club Events Manager etc.
  • No players can physically participate in sporting events at appearances due to risk of injury. Players must stay within their physical activity regime

Roar Active Program

If you are interested in having the Brisbane Roar Active Program attend your event or appearance, please include this in your request.

Availability of Players

During the A-League off-season, players are generally not available due to being on annual leave.

Please note all appearance availabilities are subject to training schedules, required team travel and player day offs.

Players are not available 24 hours before a match or on match day under any circumstances, under PFA regulations. 

Brisbane Roar players enjoy being involved in community events and will make themselves available where they have capacity to do so, however please note many players have families & study commitments outside of their training schedules and may not always be available.

Brisbane Roar does not accept responsibility for last minute player cancellations due to injury / illness or change of training schedules.

Please note Brisbane Roar receives hundreds of requests per month and are only able fulfil a limited number of these requests. Brisbane Roar will only contact successful requests. We thank you for your interest and for taking the time to contact Brisbane Roar Football Club.