Club in Focus: St Catherine’s United FC

Brisbane Roar made a player appearance at St Catherine’s United FC on Wednesday evening where goalkeeper Keeley Richards joined the football club’s juniors for a training session and meet and greet. 

These appearances are part of the club’s aim to reconnect with the community and show our support to local clubs.  

St Catherine’s United FC President Anthony Percival spoke about the overwhelming positivity with increased members and female participation at the club.  

“This has been a record season for us! We’ve gotten 820 players this year, our previous record was 660 so we blew that out the water. Our female participation has doubled, we have 120 female players which is great,” Percival said.  

Percival shared that four female local business sponsors were able to provide a discount for female players to continue the push for increased participation.  

“We’ve never had an U15/U16 girls’ team, this is our first ever year having one. We had a big push last year; we got four of our female local business sponsors to pull together a registration discount for all our female players that really helped develop what it was to what it is now,” he said.  

“We’ll keep pushing for next year now for a Senior Women’s team.” 

St Catherine’s run programs for juniors to keep them involved with football and stay connected with the community in the off-season.  

“We run an off-season program called Mini Cats for 3–5-year-olds to introduce kids to the game and have some fun,” Percival said.  

“We do another program called Big Cats which is for 8-11-year-olds, and we have 60 kids who do that in the off-season. We run it after the season for people to stay connected with the club and keep them active,” he added.