Izaack Powell returns to football after beating leukaemia  

Former Brisbane Roar player Izaack Powell is valiantly returning to football after overcoming his battle with leukaemia and is getting back into the game with Peninsula Power FC in the NPL QLD. 

Powell made his debut for Brisbane Roar in the Isuzu UTE A-League at 16-years-old after signing a scholarship contract with the club. At the time becoming the youngest player ever to play for Brisbane Roar. 

“It was a very surreal experience still being so young, I definitely didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but it had been a pretty positive time leading up to that; doing well in the NYC and then winning the league, and then very soon after getting to make my debut, it all happened pretty fast,” Powell said. 

His journey quickly took a turn when he was diagnosed with leukaemia in June 2021.  

Powell never had any doubt that he would bounce back from leukaemia and was always looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel to make his return to playing football again.   

“I was always hopeful from the very beginning and was told by the doctors that everything was going to be okay,” he said.  

“In the end, I just had to get through all the treatments, so I was always looking forward to getting back to normality and being able to play football again.” 

After a major change, going from the football field to the hospital, the middle of December 2022 saw Powell get approval to be able to return to team training.  

“I haven’t been back training too long with the team, but I’ve been able to do my own sessions and train with some of my friends at Power. Trying to catchup on the time that I’ve missed out and do as much as I can without rushing anything,” Powell said.  

Powell feels he has grown a greater appreciation of the game after having to pause his footballing career and see his teammates continue playing.  

“Having to sit out for so long and watch everyone else continue to play was definitely tough but I enjoy everything so much more now being able to play, looking forward to my next day back,” he said.  

Teammates Macklin Freke, Kai Trewin and Jordan Courtney-Perkins have kept in touch regularly with Powell and have been alongside him through his recovery. 

“Nice to know that I’ve still got the support from them, and even all the other guys. I had lots of guys checking up on me when I was in the hospital which was great to know I’ve got the support there from them when needed.”  

Powell’s focus is on the season ahead with Peninsula Power FC and keeping fit and healthy as he makes his return.  

“It’s just about playing as many games as I can, staying injury-free and healthy and getting as much football as I can in,” he said.  

“In the future, I want to be playing professionally again and definitely have aspirations to push on and reach the highest level that I can.”  

The Brisbane Roar squad showed their utmost support during Powell’s time in recovery and got behind him with a banner and by wearing his jersey no.28 on their training kits.