Management Update Q&A – COO Zac Anderson

Is there a signing update for both Isuzu UTE A-League Men and Liberty A-League Women?  

In regard to the ALM, we announced the signing of Joe Caletti last week and, Thomas Waddingham the week before. We are now working towards the right visa striker, and we are still working through our structured recruitment process with the football department. What’s important for us internally is to go through a thorough recruitment process. Next focus for us is at left back, as we continue to analyse a number of young talented Australian players,” COO Zac Anderson said. 

With our ALW, conversations are ongoing, however a number of contracts are out now to be executed in preparation for preseason to begin in t-minus 3 weeks. We will have some more exciting announcements in the coming week. Garrath is excited to get our women in to begin preparations. 

What’s the update on the Brendale training facility? 

We had a meeting yesterday with the Moreton Bay Council, and conversations are still progressing, with a view to finalise a formal structure and agreement in the near future. The council meets today which should provide us with more clarity early next week on next steps. However, we believe that it is more than likely that the brand-new facility won’t be ready until early 2024, so that will entail our ALW continuing to work out of QSAC until such time that Brendale is ready. We will provide more updates as we receive it from the Moreton Bay Council.”  

What’s the update on scheduling?

The official ALM and ALW draws will be officially released in the coming weeks.