Statement from CEO Kaz Patafta

Brisbane Roar CEO Kaz Patafta has released the below statement today following Football Australia’s forced decision to host the Australia Cup final at Allianz Stadium in Sydney. 

Dear Members and Fans, 

I’m reaching out to address Football Australia’s decision to host the Australia Cup final at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, a matter that we all feel strongly about. 

It’s been almost a decade since over 51,000 fans celebrated with us at Suncorp Stadium on Orange Sunday number 3 when we secured the A-League grand final victory against the Western Sydney Wanderers in 2014. The Australia Cup presented another such opportunity. 

However, our current infrastructure challenges have prevented us from hosting this significant event, which is a shame, particularly for the Brisbane community. This isn’t just a loss for the club, but our fans and the wider community in that they miss the opportunity for a home Cup Final. 

The decision to hold the match in Sydney then amplifies Brisbane’s need for a secondary rectangular stadium – The demand is there and is relevant for multiple codes. This is not just a club issue, but a broader challenge that impacts the entire football and sporting community in Brisbane. Football Australia’s chief executive, James Johnson, has already voiced the urgent need for another rectangular stadium in Brisbane, further highlighting this infrastructural gap. 

However, the realisation of such development hinges significantly on government support. 

Government funding plays a pivotal role in bridging this infrastructural gap. As we look towards the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games, it’s even more crucial for government authorities to invest in our sporting infrastructure. A city’s sporting facilities not only elevate its profile on the global stage but also serve as a hub for community engagement and cohesion for multiple sporting codes. 

We urge both our fan base and the larger community to rally together, advocating for the necessary funding and focus from our government. With collective efforts and the necessary financial backing, we can create a future where Brisbane Roar and its passionate fans have a deserving place to call home. 

We cannot have any more missed opportunities for Queensland such as this. Let’s call for change.  

Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment. We remain dedicated to elevating our club and ensuring that your voices are heard. 

Kaz Patafta 
Chairman & CEO 
Brisbane Roar Football Club