Brisbane Roar apologises to Corey Brown 

Brisbane Roar wishes to release the following statement regarding Corey Brown. 

On 18th and 19th August 2022, Brisbane Roar Football Club announced publicly that it had summarily terminated the employment of player Corey Brown, due to serious misconduct. 

On 20th September 2022, it was determined, by Football Australia’s National Dispute Resolution Chamber, that the Club’s purported termination of Brown’s employment contract, and hence the ending of his employment, was invalid. 

Now under new management, the club wishes to correct the public record in stating that Corey Brown is a highly valued member of our football club. 

Brisbane Roar Football Club withdraws its statements of 18th and 19th August 2022 and apologises to Corey Brown for any harm caused through the making of its earlier public statements.  

“We respect the importance and integrity of Football Australia’s dispute resolution processes,” said Kaz Patafta, Brisbane Roar CEO.  

“What is of equal importance is our commitment to player and employee welfare and ensuring that we uphold the highest standards moving forward into the future as a club.” 
“Corey is an important member of our organisation, and we look forward to the significant contribution he will bring in the coming seasons.” 

The Club looks forward to Corey Brown being an integral part of Brisbane Roar’s 2023/24 A-League campaign.