In a groundbreaking move for Australian sport, the Brisbane Roar is thrilled to announce the appointment of Creative Brand Directors, marking a new chapter under the leadership of newly instated CEO Kaz Patafta and COO Zac Anderson.  

This strategic decision places the team at the forefront of global trends, emphasising the cultural significance of sport and harnessing the transformative power of an influential brand. 

Echoing trends of major sporting clubs worldwide, the Brisbane Roar is diving deep into the intricate interplay between sport and culture. By incorporating industry experts to nurture and elevate these cultural connections, the club is on a mission to reshape its brand identity, ensuring it resonates both internally and externally. 

Kaz Patafta, CEO, conveyed, “As we return to Suncorp, it’s a homecoming for us. Our primary objective is to reconnect with our loyal fans and foster a genuine bond with the local community. While our essence remains deeply rooted in Brisbane, our vision is ambitious and global.” 

Taking the reins of this transformative journey ‘The Competitor’ brand agency, led by ex-inaugural Brisbane Roar A-League Men Captain, Chad Gibson, with partner and creative communication specialist, Cecilia Humphrey.  

With a reputation cultivated over a decade as experts of football culture, their agency’s impressive portfolio spans branded collaborations with Nike x Local FC and client work with iconic brands and organisations such as Rebel Sport, Nike France, Adidas France, FIFA, Foxtel and the Australian National Teams – the Matildas and Socceroos with the PFA.  

Recently and very close to home, their brand creation prowess was showcased in their foundational work for the Dolphins NRL team upon their NRL debut. 

The duo’s influence in football culture is longstanding. Since launching Local FC in 2012, Chad has been an industry pioneer, bridging traditional sports and creative culture.  

A steadfast advocate for Australian football, Chad’s “local yet global” ethos has been instrumental in elevating the representation standards of Australian football and its athletes.  

With international recognition to his credit, Chad has not only been spotlighted as a football culture specialist but also engaged internationally for sports photography. 

Zac Anderson, COO, reflecting on this symbiotic partnership, expressed, “Engaging with individuals who are not just the best in their field, but also deeply connected to our club’s legacy, such as Chad, is truly unprecedented.” 

“This new era epitomises a heartfelt homecoming – a return to our stadium, our foundational roots and a reunion with our inaugural Captain.” 

“Chad’s journey post-football saw him merely change lanes, staying true to the sport. Now, he’s coming back to a club he holds dear, guiding us to evolve into a club that stands up globally.” 

“It’s a rare day in football when we see a leadership team so personally vested in a club’s prosperity and essence.” 

This partnership promises an all-encompassing relationship, with ‘The Competitor‘ extending their expertise across varied creative realms, from branding and communications to partnerships and cultural initiatives.  

The shared vision is to mould a brand that deeply resonates with the local community while making a formidable mark on the global stage. 

This initiative, a significant milestone in the annals of Australian football, is a testament to the fusion of brand and culture, echoing the strategic direction of premier sporting clubs across the globe.  

As the Brisbane Roar journeys home, this innovative stride guarantees a forward-facing brand evolution deeply rooted in culture, fervently connected to its fanbase, and universally acknowledged.