Brisbane Roar Pre-Season: First Day  

Brisbane Roar’s Isuzu UTE A-League squad took the field today in their first session of pre-season training under new Head Coach Ross Aloisi. 

Ross Aloisi has already started involving Roar NPL players in the training group to develop them professionally and allow them to gain experience through training with the Senior squad. With Aloisi placing a focus on aspiring young players, they will be given opportunities to impress the coaching staff.  

After an initial induction with the squad, Aloisi reflected on the vibe around the camp on the first day of training, and believes it is important to embed club values and establish a positive culture from the start. 

“It’s been pretty good, all the players and coaching staff are all up-beat, and we’re looking forward to having our first training session. We had our talk with the playing group about our culture, and what we’re looking to implement here as far as training sessions go with our playing style, and our club values,” Aloisi said.  

“That’s exactly what today is about, having the players here understanding what we’re looking to achieve as a playing group and as a club, and having that winning mentality and to get started on the training field,” he added. 

Aloisi shared that the first few weeks of preseason will focus on implementing their playing style, passing, and positional games.  

With the Fraser Coast Pre-Season Camp under a month away, Aloisi looks forward to the opportunity to bond with the playing group and coaching staff, as well as engaging with the local community at the Fraser Coast. 

“It’s a great opportunity to bond as a group, and for the players to understand one another and coaching staff as well. Most of the people are new here, there are some old faces but it’s an opportunity for us as a group to grow together,” he said. 

“But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to go out to the Fraser Coast and engage with the community up there. I know there’s a lot of supporters up there, and everyone speaks highly about going to the Fraser Coast so it’s pretty exciting.” 

Australia Cup will kick off in August, and Aloisi aims to play as many pre-season games as possible before the season begins for players to gel with teammates and create a good base to start with.  

“I’m a big believer that the more games you play leading into the season, the better it is. Not playing enough games, I think it affects you at the beginning of the season, but the beginning isn’t the be-all and end-all.” 

“We spoke to the players today about playing at a high level for a long period of time, and that’s what we’re about.” 

Roar defender Noah Smith took the time to reset during the off-season at his home in Adelaide and is pleased to be back with his teammates for pre-season.  

“The vibe is really good. It’s good to see the boys, you go from living with them and seeing them every day to not seeing them for six weeks, it’s always good to catch-up again and everyone is excited,” Smith said.  

Smith aims to get back into the swing of things with the upcoming Fraser Coast camp, and Australia Cup, to set up for a good season ahead.  

“First few weeks are huge, to meet all the new players and get the new feel of Ross’ coaching style and just work as hard as I can to set ourselves up for the season,” he said.  

“The [Fraser Coast] camp is going to be awesome, getting to go up there and gel with all the teammates. Get a few days of hard work in and get some nice weather as well.” 

“To be able to play competitive games before the season is huge so hopefully, we can go on a nice Cup run like the boys did last year, but this year, go one step further and win the whole thing.”