Q and A with Luke Brattan


Born in England, raised in Brisbane, Luke Brattan made himself known amongst football circles after making his debut for Brisbane Roar against Scottish Premier League side Celtic FC in the 2009 Queensland Roars Against Racism clash.

Born in England, raised in Brisbane, Luke Brattan made himself known amongst football circles after making his debut for Brisbane Roar against Scottish Premier League side Celtic FC in the 2009 Queensland Roars Against Racism clash.

Since then, the 21-year-old-s football career has been set back by a number of injuries but has looked impressive in his cameo appearances for Ange Postecoglou-s team so far this Hyundai A-League season.

Here, Brattan talks about the influence of his dad, what he-s learnt from the older players in the squad and his short and long-term football goals.

Brisbaneroar.com.au caught up with the young midfielder after training on Wednesday morning to ask your chosen questions from Facebook and Twitter.

1. Who has been your biggest influence on your football?

My dad, he-s been there since day one and he-s taught me everything. When I-ve gotten sick of the game – which is rare – he-s always been the one who-s motivated me to keep going. He played at a high level and I just wanted to follow in his footsteps. He played for Hull City and Cambridge United over in England and then we came over here and he played for Heidelberg in the old national league. That was sort of the end of his career, then we moved up here and we-ve been here ever since. I don-t really remember watching him play when I was little, only towards the end of his career when I was about nine or 10. As he got older, he dropped back from midfield and moved all the way back to sweeper so it wasn-t really the position I wanted to play. At the peak of his career, he was a midfielder. His knowledge of the game all-round is unbelievable. He-s always been my role model and I-ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps.

2. It has been said that Ange Postecoglou rates you as the best passer in the club. Do you feel that this is the right description of your abilities and in what areas do you feel you need to improve as a footballer?

Yeah, that was a big rap from the gaffer! That-s my main strength – my passing and my vision. I think that-s an advantage, given the way we play. My weaknesses that I have to work on are probably defending and working a bit harder. The way we play, you-ve got to be able to work hard and I came into this season with a new frame of mind, knowing I have to work hard. I know I-ve got the passing ability and the vision, I-ve just got to work on the other parts of my game. Kenny [Stead, assistant coach], Rado [Vidosic, assistant coach] and the gaffer have been pushing me and I-m feeling good about my football at the moment.

3. What have you learnt playing alongside some of the older players in the Brisbane squad, like Thomas Broich?

Training with these boys, Thomas, Erik [Paartalu] and even Mitchy [Nichols], they-re really good players and they know a lot about the game. You know what Thomas is like, he-s a top player, it-s a privilege to play alongside him and you learn something new every day. The players are professional on and off the field. You-ve got to have that balance of football and life off the field. Everyone else has got that – I-m still trying to figure out what to do off the pitch!

4. If you could have any other Hyundai A-League player from another club to play alongside you at the Roar, who would it be and why?

I can-t really answer that, because our whole team – it-s a privilege to play alongside everyone of them. They-re all brilliant players and like I said before, you really do learn something new every day. I can-t really ask for more. We don-t need a Brett Emerton or a Harry Kewell, we-ve got Thomas Broich and Erik Paartalu and they-re just as good.

5. Who do you see as Brisbane-s biggest challengers for the title this season?

The Mariners have been playing well, they-ve been playing the passing game – same as Newcastle, they-ve developed their passing game. I think that anyone that comes out and tries to play football against us will go alright. I try and stay focused on our games, but you do have to watch the opposition and what they-re doing so you know what to do to break them down but that-s why we do video analysis. I just really enjoy watching us play.

6. Did you keep an eye on the AFC Champions League draw last night? What do you think of the opponents the Roar has drawn and are you looking forward to playing in Asia?

They-re all decent teams, as they will be in the Champions League. We-ve just got to keep working as we have been. For me personally, I-m really looking forward to playing in Asia – it-s a whole new experience. We-ve just got to keep a clear mind and I think it-s important to focus on ourselves and not worry too much about the other teams. If we-re on our game, I don-t think anyone can stop us. In Asia, there might be a bit more threat with the teams going forward but we defend as a unit. If we concentrate on playing our passing game, then we can beat anyone – in the A-League or in Asia.

7. What are your short-term football goals?

I need to start playing regularly. I need game time and if I get my opportunity, like I have been off the bench, I just want to impress. I also want to push for the Olyroos squad. When the last Olyroos squad was named, they left me out so I could concentrate on club football. The gaffer spoke to me about it, he explained it all and said he-d rather me be here and have some game time then going away and not playing, so I do see it as beneficial and I was happy with that decision. Having said that, it-s always a great experience – what more could you ask for, playing for your country?

8. Finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years football wise?
Hopefully overseas, playing at the highest level possible. I wouldn-t mind going to England, my whole family is over there, but anywhere would be good if I-m playing at a high level. I follow the Premier League, I don-t watch too much of the German or Dutch leagues or anything. My favourite team is Manchester United and if I could play for them – it would be a dream come true.