Brisbane joins Call To Arms campaign

Brisbane Roar has joined the fight to support men affected by cancer, helping Football Queensland launch its ‘Call To Arms’ campaign.

Brisbane Roar has supported the fight to help men affected by cancer, assisting Football Queensland launch its ‘Call To Arms- campaign.

Brisbane players Shane Stefanutto and Ivan Franjic, along with club mascot Roary, were on hand as Football Queensland CEO Geoff Foster and Cancer Council Queensland-s Gayle Evans announced the bold fight to improve men-s health.

More than 62,500 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year, while one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85.

Hoping to raise $70,000 for cancer research and support services, Football Queensland will encourage football players statewide to donate $1 to the worthy cause this weekend (June 5-6).

Foster said the battle against cancer was a hard fight, but believed the ‘Call To Arms- campaign was a huge step in achieving victory.

“We want to get the fight against cancer off the benches and onto the field, so that all men have a better chance of preventing, detecting, and surviving cancer,” he said.

“We-ve chosen a tough match and set an ambitious goal, but we believe we can win the game.

“As a footballing community, we have all been affected by cancer, and we are encouraging all our players to get involved in Call To Arms today.”

Evans said Cancer Council Queensland had found a massive ally in the fight to prevent Australian men suffering from cancer.

“Football Queensland, as Queensland-s fastest growing sporting body, has a strong and unrivalled presence in the lives of aspiring footballers across the state,” she said.

“By uniting in Call To Arms, Football Queensland is leading the way in demonstrating that when the going gets tough on men-s health, we can depend on each other.”

Started four years ago by the playing group of Essendon Football Club, the ‘Call To Arms- campaign highlights the alarming statistics of men diagnosed with cancer.

Wearing yellow armbands, players take to the field to battle not only for points and glory, but awareness, detection and prevention of all forms of cancer.

Visit the Call To Arms website or call 1300 656 585 for more information or to register your club as part of the campaign.