Brisbane Roar celebrates Female Football Week 

Brisbane Roar is celebrating Female Football Week by hearing about our own Roar Women’s football journeys, their love of the game, and their take on the importance of the week leading into the World Cup.  

Female Football Week is a nation-wide initiative aimed at promoting female participation and celebrating the contributions of women and girls across all parts of the game.  

Football Queensland celebrated women and girls in football with a Women’s Football Round on 12-14 May and is now continuing the occasion for Female Football Week from 19-28 May. 

Female Football Week calls for reflection on how we can continue to drive female participation at all levels, especially as we approach the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.   

Brazilian striker Mariel Hecher says that she loves football for the opportunities it provides, along with the thrill of scoring goals and playing in front of the Roar faithful.  

“It’s one of my de-stresses, a lot of opportunities it can provide you, like for me coming to a different country and meeting new people and going overseas,” she said.  

“The thrill of the game, there are so many possibilities all the time and scoring a goal is a feeling that you can’t describe that emotion and thrill.” 

She highlights the importance of Female Football Week and how it is a good reminder that there is still plenty of work to do in the growth of women’s football.  

“I think it is really important because female sport is booming now, and I think it’s just a good reminder for us to celebrate our achievements,” Hecher said.  

“Things like salaries, and facilities, and just celebrate the girls in sport and how it is important to identify that there is so much work to be done but also celebrate how far we’ve come,” she added. 

“Especially here in Queensland, there has been so much work done, and we should be very grateful. 

Roar goalkeeper Isabella Shuttleworth would love to see more young girls in football and see the growth of participation in the sport continue.  

“I love the overall competitiveness of it, and I love that I get to play with my friends and really, my family every single day,” Shuttleworth said.  

“I think women’s sport in general has come a long way within our lifetimes and I think we want to drive women playing sport more because it is very fulfilling and it empowers young girls and it sets them up in life even if they don’t pursue it professionally,” she said.  

“I think it’s a good experience for every young girl to have.”  

Midfielder Hollie Palmer loves the social side that football provides and is pleased to acknowledge how far women’s football has come over the years.  

“I love the social side of it, obviously you make so many good friends which you keep throughout your whole life. It’s something that you all have in common, and you all come together to play the same game you love,” Palmer said.  

“It is just showing how far female football has come over the years and how much it has grown and how many more girls are participating in it every year. It is important to celebrate that too.”