Brisbane Roar Player Watch: Nathan Konstandopoulos


You may have seen him in action during our pre-season, but how much do you know about Scholarship recipient Nathan Konstandopoulos? We caught up with the 20-year-old midfielder to find out more.

What’s your favourite position?

  • “I can play in most midfield positions but the boss [Head Coach John Aloisi] is really finding my strengths at #6 and #8. I have played out wide too in the past, but I really enjoy playing in the middle and getting on the ball.”

What’s your ideal playing number?

  • “When I was really young, my favourite number was 16. Fate has it that I’ve ended up with the #16 at Brisbane Roar. My ideal number however would be #8 or #10.”

What does Nathan Konstandopoulos do away from football?

  • “At the moment I’m studying a double degree of law and business so that’s taking up a lot of my spare time. I’ve been lucky enough to have some family, friends and my girlfriend up here so it’s been great to spend some time with them.”

Nathan Konstandopoulos

Do you struggle finding the balance between football, study & relaxation?

  • “I’m pretty good at time management. I believe in a balance so I’ll try balance my day with football, a bit of study and then my relaxation. Just to keep on top of things is the most difficult thing, but it keeps me busy.”

Is it challenging living away from home?

  • “Mum used to do a lot of the jobs around home so I had to learn the hard way with cooking and cleaning. I’ve learnt a lot of life lessons living away from home. It’s tough sometimes but you can see the progress when you go back home and see just how far you’ve come.”

What’s the best part about Brisbane?

  • “I love the weather. It can get a bit humid, but beautiful days all the time during winter is incredible. It’s also very relaxed here, nobody seems to be in rush.”

Nathan Konstandopoulos

Pool or Beach?

  • “100% Beach. It’s a bit tough with the beach an hour away here though.”

Who is your roommate on away trips with the team?

  • “I’m with Thomas Broich which is a great learning experience for me. He’s taught me a lot of lessons on and off the field and I’m very thankful for that. He’s a really good person to learn from. He’s a club legend. Three years ago I saw him winning the Championship with Brisbane Roar and now I’m rooming with him, it’s a big honour and there’s a lot of things you can learn from someone like Thomas.”

What song did you sing for your Brisbane Roar initiation?

  • “I sang ‘Can’t Feel my Face’ by the Weeknd – I was pretty good.”