Young takes charity work to Nepal


Not only is he a top player on the pitch but he’s a great guy off it too! This week, BRFC keeper Jamie Young is taking his charity work beyond Australian soil & venturing to Nepal.

Young, who is an ambassador for World Youth International, will travel to the South Asian nation to visit the World International Youth School where the Roar custodian will spend a week at the school plays host to a football tournament named in his honour.

“I’m an ambassador for World Youth International & they invited me to travel to Nepal and host the inaugural Jamie Young Cup,” Young said.


“There’s about 30 schools competing. The trip is for a week which is a good amount of time to have a look at their culture.

“The biggest reason why I wanted to go was the chance to use football as a vehicle, but to also understand their way of life, what gives their lives purpose & meaning.”

The two-time Gary Wilkins says giving back & working alongside charities is something that means a lot to him and is making the most out of his ability to do so as a Hyundai A-League footballer.

“Playing at this level in the [Hyundai] A-League gives me the ability to go & be inclusive with charities and build a knowledge within myself that I might not have had if I wasn’t playing football at this level,” Young continued.

Young, Bowles, Pepper. Ingham

“I like giving back to other people & I read a great quote the other day – do good, feel good.”

“I’m also an ambassador for [BRFC Charity Champion] MDA (Multicultural Development Australia) & working with these organisations is something that means quite a bit to me personally.”

“The Roar really advocated for me going to Nepal because it will aid me holistically which will be beneficial for myself, and in turn, for the Club,” Young concluded.

Stay tuned for more details from Jamie’s visit to Nepal.